microSPLiT protocol published in Nature Protocols

The first paper out of the lab came out in Nature Protocols with detailed step-by-step guide to performing bacterial single-cell RNA sequencing using common lab equipment. Congratulations Karl Gaisser and Sophie Skloss!

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  • How Bacteria Build Communities That Can Impact Your Health

    Bacteria are much more than single-celled organisms swimming around. Bacteria also form communities called biofilm, and work together to maintain the microbial community. Biofilm is just one research area of ISB’s Kuchina Lab. In this Research Roundtable presentation, ISB Assistant Professor Dr. Anna Kuchina details her work studying biofilms.

  • Kuchina Lab Participating in Project to Retool Microbes to Upcycle CO2

    Anna Kuchina is a co-PI of a UW-led five-year, $15 million Department of Energy grant that will enable an interdisciplinary team of synthetic biologists to engineer microbial genomes that transform carbon dioxide into high-value chemicals. Specifically, Kuchina will work on multiplexed single-cell transcriptomic profiling of CRISPR-engineered bacteria to determine if the reprogrammed cells behave as intended.

  • Anna Kuchina

    Dr. Anna Kuchina Joins ISB as Assistant Professor

    Dr. Anna Kuchina has joined ISB as assistant professor, and is our newest faculty member. Kuchina comes to ISB after completing her postdoctoral training in the Seelig Lab at the University of Washington. In this Q&A, we delve into Kuchina’s research career to date, her research areas of interest, and much more.